Thank you for your interest in Cesar’s Scholarship! Check back soon for the 2018 application.

The Process

Applications come from all over the city of Chicago. There were so many applicants, we truly wish we could help more.

We, as a board, got together and read every single application and essay, narrowing it down to 10 finalists. Then, those ten were brought in for an interview.

The application consisted of GPA, community service, written essay and letters of recommendation.

The interview was an idea that we borrowed from the Peace and Education Coalition. The interview process was 40 % of the entire score. We wanted to give all the applicants an opportunity to showcase their skills. In some cases, applicants had never interviewed before. So this process was something that will leave a lasting impression for both the applicants and us.

Contact Info



  • Pres: Israel Sanchez
  • Tres: Lulu Duran
  • Secretary: Sandra Sanchez
  • Director: Steve Kopp
  • Director: Jenny DiSapio

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